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I created this image in PS CS4 on a Mac. I had originally created it without text, but it looked unanchored that way, so I added the text at the bottom as a last minute decision.

This is the original crop:

The image was dark and pretty blue overall, so I decided to take it to black & white. I added an adjustment layer for b&w:

That big black space just called to me to put something in it, so I masked it out and went hunting for an image of Ten, so I could have him looking over Eleven's shoulder. Once I found it, I cropped it with some trial and error, resized that crop to 75x75, and pasted it into the masked space and wiggled it around until it looked right. Since I wanted Ten in color, I put that layer above the b&w adjustment layer. I gave Ten an opacity of 70% so he faded into the background a bit.

The original Ten image:

The image with Ten pasted in:

Then I started playing with masks. The mask I use came from Mutsie's Brushes. I used a top & bottom mask, and then added a gradient fill layer with a b&w gradient at an angle of 122 degrees.

The font for the text is from Fonts for Peas, and is Pea Cassie, in 8pt, in black.

And there we go, done!

Date: 2010-04-27 12:55 am (UTC)
paian: Daniel looking around a corner (daniel by paxm)
From: [personal profile] paian
Congrats! Wonderful concept and blend, and I enjoyed the tutorial -- glad you posted.

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