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By dpawatts. Click to enlarge.

This is a two-part challenge, and you may enter either or both.

First part: the icon challenge. You may enter ONE or TWO icons for this challenge. Comment to this post with your icon(s) and their url(s). Please don't use these icons before the voting is completed. All submissions should, of course, fit the 100 x 100, 40K guidelines for LJ/DW icons.

Second part: the texture challenge. Make up a set of textures using this image. You may not use brushes or other textures, but anything you can do with your graphics program is fine. Submit your entries (you may make as many sets as you like) using this grid:

Remember, if you're the winner you will be required to post a tutorial, so make sure you keep notes on what you did! You will also be required to vote if you enter.

Entries must be submitted before I get to my computer on Sunday 16th October. Voting will stay open until the following Friday morning, and there will be a chance to discuss what you liked and didn't like about the challenge after that.

Meanwhile, please, please send in some entries for Challenge #119. There are just two entries so far. Challenge closes tomorrow morning.

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