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This will be the last challenge of this year, as my own timetable is filling up crazily as Christmas nears, and that's probably true for many of you, too.

It's another 'find your own pics' challenge, this time on a theme of...

Here are some pictures to get you started, but you aren't obliged to use these.

Odd One Out by dfu

Penguin Posse by somadjinn

Three and One by dfu

Click to embiggen.

You may enter as many icons as you like for this challenge. Comment to this post with your icon(s) and their url(s). Please don't use these icons before the voting is completed. All submissions should, of course, fit the 100 x 100, 40K guidelines for LJ/DW icons.

Remember, if you're the winner you will be required to post a tutorial, so make sure you keep notes on what you did! You will also be required to vote if you enter.

I'm... not actually quite sure when I will post voting. Probably on Sunday 11th December, so you have loads of time to hunt down some penguin pics and have fun with them.

Meanwhile you still have until tomorrow morning to enter Challenge 122.
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