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An opportunity for you to give your thoughts on the challenge image, what aspects of it you may have found easy or hard to icon, and anything else you'd like to bring up.

I should probably have posted this and kept the results until later, but let's see how it goes.
pensnest: purple plums (plums number one)
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Right, so the voting is done on Challenge #115, and I'll be posting results this evening, but while I do the banners, how about your thoughts on this challenge.

Did you enjoy having to find your own images? Was it a theme that you found appealing?

When it came to voting, is it harder to vote where the icons are not all derived from the same images so that you're not comparing directly? Do your personal voting criteria change, with this kind of variety available?

Other thoughts?
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Right, voting is now closed, and I'll be putting the results up later on today.

Meanwhile, any comments about this challenge? For myself, I found it a lot harder to icon than I'd expected, since it is a rather fabulous picture. If you participated, what did you enjoy, and what did you find difficult? Other thoughts?

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