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Hi, all.

It looks as though Challenge #100 is a bit too much of a challenge, which I think is a shame. Go on, have a try! Only two entrants so far, and one of them is me... deadline is tomorrow at midnight, I'd love to see a big selection. Remember, you can enter as many icons as you like for this one.

A couple of suggestions have come up on possible changes to the way this challenge works. Would you prefer a less frequent challenge, say, fortnightly? I originally worked on the assumption that with a maximum of two icons allowed per challenge, a week was long enough, but I know people can get very busy.

Also, how about the subject matter—are you reasonably happy with the kinds of challenges I've been providing? If not, what would you prefer?

I'm happy to try promoting this community again, if you members are also willing to spread the word—or, if it has run its course, we can close up gracefully. What do you want?
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Well, actually, it isn't time to vote, because there were no entries at all for this challenge. Rather than entreat you all to take another week, I think I'm going to write this one off as a bad call on my part.

Never mind. Instead, you can concentrate on producing an awesome bunch of entries for Challenge #100!.

And, we could talk? Anything you'd like to say about Severalplums challenges? What kind of challenge pics do you prefer? Do you have any suggestions for variations on the basic challenge? Have you learned anything interesting from the tutorials? Anything else?

Also, would you like to ask for a tutorial on a particular entry that didn't get one at the time? If so, please comment with the challenge number(s) and the icon number(s), and I'll post the icons that get a tutorial request, so we can see whether the makers are able to produce something.

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