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This will be the last challenge of this year, as my own timetable is filling up crazily as Christmas nears, and that's probably true for many of you, too.

It's another 'find your own pics' challenge, this time on a theme of...

Penguins! )
I'm... not actually quite sure when I will post voting. Probably on Sunday 11th December, so you have loads of time to hunt down some penguin pics and have fun with them.

Meanwhile you still have until tomorrow morning to enter Challenge 122.
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Bruce Willis )

I will close entries and post the voting on Sunday 20th November. Please consider that Saturday 19th, midnight your time, is the deadline for entries (though you can get away with later as long as your comment is here when I get to my computer on Sunday).
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Read more... )
Voting will close on Friday morning.

The next challenge will be up next Saturday morning. Meanwhile, a reminder that I'm hoping some of you will post images—animé and screencaps particularly welcome—that could be used in future challenges Post here if you have anything that might be suitable.
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Sorry this is late—I really wasn't sure if it was worth putting one up, but am encouraged to do so.

Halloween ) In order to allow you to use them for Halloween if you want to, this week I will close entries and post voting on Sunday 23rd October. Voting will close on the following Friday morning.

Meanwhile, don't forget to vote on Challenge #120.

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