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The winner of Challenge #117 was [personal profile] pensnest.

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And now, I think I need to ask for your help. I'm obviously not doing a great job of finding images that inspire lots of you to make icon entries. I admit that I sometimes find them harder to icon than I expected to, but that's part of the challenge... isn't it?

Anyway, what I would like to do is to ask you to find an image that you think would be a good source image for a future [community profile] severalplums challenge, and post either the image, or a link to it (please make sure it's not in a locked community), in comments here. I'll use as many as I can. It doesn't matter what kind of image you come up with (caveat: no porn!), and I'd be particularly pleased to have animé and screencaps of TV shows I don't know—and, really, anything you think would be interesting to icon. A HQ image is best, if you can manage it.

I'd love to have a good bunch of images to add to my stockpile, so please, if you can, comment with something.


Jul. 27th, 2011 09:25 am
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Would anyone be interested in participating if I revive this community?

If so, are there any changes to the way things are done that you would like to see? I'm thinking particularly about the participation schedule, but is there anything else?

As a reminder:

- challenges are posted weekly, and consist (in standard form, there are sometimes variations) of a single picture to be made into one or two icons only. Posting of challenges is on Saturday morning (my time) and voting is Sunday-Monday.

- subjects will vary from celebrities to snails to scenic views, etc, anything I can think of. Any suggestions as to where I can obtain more and more varied source material would be very welcome.

- voting is done in comments, in order of preference. First round of voting - all votes are equal. If there is a tie, order of preference is used to determine order of banners. I try to avoid ties if possible.

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