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Hello, welcome back, and a belated Happy New Year!

If you're anything like me you will be quite looking forward to getting back into your normal routine again, so I hope lots of you are ready to come back and make some more icons for this challenge. And do, please, tell icon-making friends about this community. I'm sure we could do with a few more members!

Plus, I'd like to say welcome to [ profile] iconsoleander, who's offered to be my back-up mod.

Right, on with the challenge.

Gulls, by bjlepic on stock.xchng. Keep clicking for full size.

You may enter ONE or TWO icons for this challenge. Comment to this post with your icon(s) and their url(s). Please don't use these icons before the voting is completed. All submissions should, of course, fit the 100 x 100, 40K guidelines for LJ/DW icons.

Remember, if you're the winner you will be required to post a tutorial, so make sure you keep notes on what you did! You will also be required to vote if you enter.

I will close entries and post the voting next Sunday (16th January). Please consider that Saturday 15th, midnight your time, is the deadline for entries (though you can get away with later as long as your comment is here when I get to my computer on Sunday morning).

If anyone would like to offer suggestions about subjects we could use for this challenge, I'd be delighted to hear from you—comment here or send me a message. Image sources would be particularly welcome.

Have fun!
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